Homeshare & Respite Contractors


MACL is looking for independent contractors in the Mission area who are interested in sharing their home with an adult, child or teen with a disability.

Respite Caregivers are contractors are required to make their home available for a few days each month to give the person’s permanent families a break. Homeshare contractors offer full-time, longer term placements.

Not only do they offer a place to call home, Homeshare Caregivers are contractors who focus on developing close relationships and providing opportunities for the individuals to be active in the community through supporting work, recreation and the pursuit of personal interests.


MACL’s Homeshare contractors understand that this is a lifestyle choice, not a job. There is no eight hour shift and then a return to their families and homes and each member of the family must be open to the changes that home sharing brings. Our contractors provide safe homes that meets all applicable safety standards.

MACL welcomes people from all cultures, socio-economic groups and family structures throughout the Mission area. To enquire about becoming a home sharing provider, please read Our flyer and if interested

Apply Here

In order to become a qualified MACL Homeshare contractor applicants must complete an interview and assessment process consisting:

  • an extensive screening process
  • a detailed written application
  • self assessment
  • home study process
  • physicians clearance
  • criminal record search
  • completion of personal and professional reference
  • home safety check