Homeshare is for individuals who want to share a home and life with a family or a person as their Caregiver(s). MACL contracts with paid Community Caregivers who open their homes and provide the supports necessary for the individual to thrive in his or her community.


What is Homesharing?

Home Sharing is a living option for a person who has a developmental disability where they share a home with someone who provides ongoing support. Support may include assistance in daily living skills, training to develop their independence, self-care, relationship building, life skills, and access and use of community resources and activities. In this arrangement, the Individual lives with a family, couple, or roommate in the community. Homes may be owned, rented or leased by the shared living provider or by the individual requiring support. This arrangement can offer richer opportunities for developing natural relationships and social circles. Referrals to receive Home Sharing services are made through CLBC. Home Sharing providers will be matched with the specific needs, interests and lifestyle preferences of the person receiving the support. There will be many considerations involved in selecting an appropriate Home Sharing contractor for each person, while we seek to find the best matches for everyone!  


Our Homeshare Placements are based on the needs and desires of the individuals, as we believe that people are happiest when they feel they are a valued and an integral member of a family. This is the cornerstone of the Homeshare service. Caregivers provide individualized supports to people in a variety of settings. Caregiver skills and interests are used to make matches and create successful placements.

Our caregivers provide opportunities for individuals to make friends, develop meaningful relationships and participate in the community all while maintaining strong connections with their families. Support may include assistance with self-care and relationship building, life skills, meal preparation, personal care and use of community resources and services. Homeshare Caregivers are expected to support individuals to become fully integrated by treating them as equal participants in the home, family and community.


About Homeshare Caregivers

Homeshare Caregivers are under contract with MACL to provide full time support to the person in their home. All Home Share provider’s undergo a rigorous screening process including a Criminal Record Check, in-depth home study which asks questions about the family dynamics, lifestyle, person support network and conflict management just to mention a few. MACL’s Homeshare coordinators provide ongoing monitoring to ensure standards of support are being met.

Is shared living right for me?

A variety of living arrangements are possible depending upon the needs and wishes of the served. Our person-centered residential model offers an opportunity for individuals to achieve an ideal balance of support and independence based on their unique goals and preferences. Support is flexible and evolves according to the individual’s changing needs

To learn more, please read Our flyer for persons served and families.


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