Staffed Home

what we offer


MACL offers a variety of staffed home services to Youth and Adults in the Mission Community. Our homes are warm and welcoming and our staff work hard to ensure that the rights of those who live in the home are respected and that they have full access to their community in a way that is meaningful to them.

Our Homes

MACL ensures that each home is designed for and around the individual’s needs and interests. Each of our staffed homes are a clear reflection on the individuals who live in the home. Our staffed home programs offer full daily living supports that are safe, warm, person centered and inclusive.   Each person served in MACL’s Staffed Home Services has an individualized plan which outlines the types of support required by the person in his/her home, and in the community. 24/7 staffed services are available to those with complex health care and/or complex behaviour support needs.

How to access MACL’s Staffed Home Services:

  Please contact Community Living BC (CLBC) at (604) 870-5900 to determine eligibility and ask for a referral. CLBC manages all referrals and the waitlist for this program.