MACL provides a wide range of meaningful, quality services to the community of Mission.


MACL’s Supported Child Development Program, works in partnership with the family and other professionals to support your child with developmental disabilities/delays or extra support needs to successfully participate in a community child care setting.

This includes:
• An individualized program for your child that respects your family, culture, and values;
• Training and resources for you and your child care provider;
• Promoting inclusion of children requiring additional support;
• Helping you access information and services you need for your child, including choosing a childcare option;
• Providing funding for childcare programs to hire additional staffing supports;
• Working with child care providers to develop strategies and resources to meet the needs of your child.

We work with the full range of child care settings – licensed; group care, family care, out-of-school care, preschool, in-own-home childcare and youth programs, as well as license-not-required child care (LNR.)

Supported Child Development has been providing services in Mission since 1989.

How to access MACL’s Supported Child Development Program

Parents may contact SCDP directly or children may be referred by any community professional (eg. Infant Development Consultants, Therapists, Public Health Nurses, Doctors, Social Workers, etc). As Mission has grown faster than our funding, we have a waitlists for service (intake, consultant support and additional staffing funding).  MACL uses a waiting list priority tool to determine how services will be allocated. This tool considers various factors such as, date of referral, length of time on the waitlist, child’s age, family circumstances, child’s support needs and child care program capacity. A waitlist review takes place for each child on a quarterly basis.

For more information contact Amy Adrian @ 604-826-9080 ext 280

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Child and Youth Activities (CYA)

MACL’s CYA Program is a 1-year skill development and activity program for eligible children and youth up to the age of 19. With a focus on developing social skills, support workers engage participants in learning, social, recreational activities within the Mission community. Designed to grow with each participant, the child/youth may begin in a one to one, or two to one setting and move into one of the small group options. This program is structured way to facilitate growth and opportunities to develop skills and create friendships too!  

How to access MACL's Child and Youth Activities (CYA) Program:

Referral Agency: Ministry for Children and Family Development (MCFD) For more information please contact us Contact Us


Our respite program provides temporary rest and renewal for primary caregivers of a child or youth with a disability. Respite may be as short as a 24-hour period, but can also be for longer periods of time. We match individuals with screened respite contractors who share interests and activities with persons served, and who are willing to provide short-term support.

Individuals receiving respite have opportunities to develop new relationships with other families and friends, and experience different community events and other enjoyable occasions.

Services are available by referral from Ministry of Children’s and Family Development (MCFD).

Private support arrangements are also available. (Fee for Service) Supports may be of a temporary, short-term, long-term or life-long nature.

How to access MACL’s Respite Program:

Referral agency: Ministry for Children and Family Development (MCFD)
For more information contact us

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To enquire about becoming a respite contractor visit our employment page.

Family Support

Family Support Services provides supports to families with child/youth and adults with special needs. Our family supports are designed to assist or tie families to available resources in the community.

This Service will also assist families/caregivers to navigate through the referral and assessment processes in addition to providing assistance to those requesting it, to better understand and complete the necessary documentation to apply for various supports.

How to access MACL’s Child Family Support Services

Kerridan Dougan is our Family Support Worker.
Referral Agency: Self-referral
For more information contact Kerridan @ 604-826-9080 ext. 280

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Sandcastle Preschool accepts registration from all children in the community ages 32 mos. to 4 years old. At Sandcastle Preschool you will find Qualified Early Childhood Educators, competitive rates, early literacy & math, art activities, health & safety awareness, water and sand play, community guests and parent participation field trips, rhythm & music, computer literacy and more...   Learn More