Our History

The Mission Association for Community Living (MACL) was founded in 1958 by a handful of parents who wanted to ensure educational opportunities were available to their children, who were not welcomed in public schools because they had developmental disabilities.

The parents developed an educational program and it operated until Special Education classes were created in public schools by the Ministry of Education.
From its beginnings as a grassroots family-led organization, MACL has maintained a strong commitment to responding to the needs of individuals and families:


  • Supporting children and/or adults to live, learn and work in the community
  • Helping the community to welcome and include people
  • Advocating for change so that people have better quality lives in their community of Mission


In 1989, the Association moved to its present location with support from the Mel Jr. and Marty Zajac Memorial Foundation. This facility houses Sandcastle Preschool and acts as the hub of operations for MACL.

Where We Are Now

Sixty years after MACL was first established, we now offer a wide variety of housing, training, development, social/recreational and employment opportunities to individuals with disabilities, and are an integral part of the Mission community. MACL is a place where children and adults of all abilities are supported along their journeys. Our vision is an inclusive and caring community where each person has choices, opportunity and a fulfilling quality of life. Our work is guided by our values, experience and history and draws from strong roots in the community.

MACL recognizes the rights of everyone to have a full range of life choices, including access to:


  • education
  • affordable and appropriate housing
  • leisure options
  • gainful employment
  • opportunities to participate in the community


We believe that a healthy community encourages the involvement of everyone!