MACL was founded in 1958 by parents who wanted to ensure opportunities for their child within their community. Our work depends on the support and involvement of the community.



Our work depends on the support of people like you! When we see members of our community who are impacted by disability, we aim to provide the best support possible, supporting their need and empowering them to thrive in their own lives. Our vision is an inclusive and caring community where each person has choices, opportunities and a fulfilling quality of life.

You can be involved by becoming a member, donating, or investing with us in research and development for new services, homes for people or inclusive community space.

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Whether it’s an investment in a home that helps someone live more comfortably, or a contribution that allows a child to attend an inclusive childcare setting – every gift is important.

MACL is not a branch of city or government, but is a charitable organization with 15 distinct social service programs. While some of those programs are funded in whole or part by government contracts and/or grants, most programs rely on generous community donations to meet the ongoing demands of our growing community.

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Members are integral to what we do for people at MACL. As a member, you have a voice in MACL’s direction. You are eligible to vote at our Annual General Meeting, where we elect our board of directors. Members are people who care about people within our community and who value our mission and vision. They help to shape the work we do and the direction we travel in. Becoming a member is an easy way to show your support and to show us that you believe in what we do. Download Membership Form